A Top Quality Shopping Experience

Intrigue Boutique will provide you a top quality shopping experience to help build a sense of style for your closet and your home! We work hard to find great pieces that make it easy to build your wardrobe with items you already have.

We want to help you make an outfit that fits with all aspects of your life including family, friends, and work.

Our goal is to have our customers leave with pieces they will have for years to come. We strive to make customer service a priority, and to make the shopping experience as comfortable as possible.

Home Goods

In addition to an awesome wardrobe, Intrigue Boutique wants their customers to have a home they can brag about as well!

We will also offer home goods to jazz up any living space - from your work office to your home. Everyone wants the places they spend the most time to look good and feel special.

Intrigue wants to help you put the pieces together.


We’re Local, You’re Local, Let’s be Local Together!

As a local business Intrigue wants to support other local businesses! Supporting other local businesses is a core value to our company and without support how do we grow as a local business ourselves. So, support your local businesses!

We Proudly Support Local!